4 Wheelers is situated in Ashiya (between Kobe and Osaka) Japan, and is owned and managed by Vincent Cosmano and his team. We are primarily seeking to establish long-term relationships with reputable  buyers who are seeking to import quality used Japanese cars on a regular basis. Vincent, who has over 18 years experience of the international market and 14 years experience in Japan, with 13 years in the export business, combined with Sales staff  Sam who are qualified motor mechanics (from  UK respectively),  with 10yrs experience in import-exports of vehicles. All of this combined  with Nishimura who has 5yrs experience in domestic  Automotive Sales and Auction skills in Japan,  giving you the benefit of having an over all comprehensively balanced  professional team  based in Japan working for you. We also have full time staff who are regularly attend auctions throughout Japan. It is this combination, of professional management  and on the ground inspection of vehicles at auction which we believe, gives us a considerable advantage over other  exporters. On average we are able to view approximately 50,000 cars weekly at auctions throughout Japan. Unlike some other agents, our company policy is to hand-pick vehicles for our clients. We make a physical inspection of each vehicle, which is more accurate than simply buying from a computer screen! As an example here are some pictures of a USS Nagoya auction that 4 Wheelers is a member of. We attend this auction every Friday and find it is popular with our clients due to the huge selection of vehicles available – usually upto 12,500 units are on display. Other auctions (like the Kobe one) have quickly grown to a similar size too