Buy Cars with Bitcoin

4 Wheelers now allows you to buy cars with Bitcoin:

Should you choose to pay with Bitcoin for your car, procedures are as follows:

  1. Buyer will be invited onto a chat via one of the two platforms; LINE or WHATS APP.
  2. For first time buyers a deposit will be required. Roughly 10% of the Final FOB price. The deposit Yen figure will then be converted to a certain amount of Bitcoin. The rate will be determined at the moment according to the rate on the Japanese exchange BitFlyer.

    From here a screen shot of the Bitcoin rate on BitFlyer’s exchange will be sent to the client. This will be the rate for the deposit.

    Example below buy-with-bitcoin
  3. A calculation will then be made based on the rate sent via screenshot, and the client will be expected to send the equivalent Yen amount in Bitcoin. The rate will be taken as the figure underlined in Green – The Sell Rate in Japan.
  4. Once the amount of coin is agreed upon, 4 Wheelers will then send the client our official BitFlyer account address.
  5. Once the client’s Bitcoin hits 4 Wheelers’ BitFlyer account, a verification notice will be forwarded onto the client.
  6. The client will then be asked to email through their details for the purpose of our files in Japan.
  7. Allowing for weekends and public holidays, the client will then receive a confirmation of payment slip via email within 1-2 business days.
  8. From here the purchasing process can begin.

    Once the vehicle has been purchased and the final FOB figure has been calculated, 4 Wheelers will issue an invoice to the client for said purchased vehicle. Within 1-2 working days, another group chat will be organized and the procedure will start again to settle the remaining balance outstanding for the vehicle, based on the rate at the time of transfer.

    Again, once full payment has been made, the client will receive a statement showing full payment has been made and zero balance. When the next ship is available to your designated port of discharge, a booking will be made to export your vehicle out of Japan.


    For all inquiries please contact the following contact us

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