Stock Policy


At 4 Wheelers Japan Ltd. we operate as purchasing and export agents for any used car, truck or bus available in Japan. We don’t hold vehicles in stock as a rule and use the large quantities of vehicles available for sale at auction in Japan as a pool from which to supply our clients.

This policy has served us well in the past and allows us to be a flexible and fast-moving company which is able to respond to changes in our clients demands on a day to day basis. We believe this the best way to be ​a completely impartial party when describing a car to a client, we don’t own the car, thus we have no bias towards it. If vehicles are in poor condition, or are too expensive for a clients’ requirements then we can leave them at the auction and look for the next suitable vehicle.

On the odd occasion that we see a vehicle that is not available every day, or is below the market value, we will buy it and you will see it advertised here.

We are sometimes asked to advertise vehicles for export from domestic dealers that we know, these vehicles will be inspected by us before we offer them for sale to ensure quality but we will not own them.