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Japanese Imports are our specialty

4 Wheelers Japan is a used vehicle export company with its office located in Ashiya city between Osaka and Kobe in the Kansai region. We work as export agents who supply mainly trade customers in a variety of worldwide markets. Our main goal as an export business, is to establish long term relationships with genuine clients who require a personal hands experience through thorough inspection of vehicles before purchase.

On average we are able to view approximately 50,000 cars weekly at auctions throughout Japan. Unlike some other agents, our company policy is to hand-pick vehicles for our clients. We make a physical inspection of each vehicle, which is more accurate than simply buying from a computer screen.

We consider ourselves to be a smaller boutique company offering quality service to each client. Rather than casting out a wide net to catch and turn over multiple new clients on a weekly or monthly basis. Each of our sales agents concentrates on tailoring to the needs of a selected client base under their care.

The safest and most reliable way to buy a vehicle from Japan

Accurate vehicle appraisals
Real time inspection of vehicles
Comprehensive data and auction search system

We have dedicated account management, inspection and shipping teams all with vast experience in their respective fields. Our goal is to be as flexible as possible when trying to meet our clients’ needs and in doing so become a reliable link in the supply chain required to make this industry profitable for everyone involved. For this reason, we very seldom carry vehicles in stock, and work on the principle of finding a vehicle that is suitable for our clients’ needs, then they are made aware of it in sufficient time before it is sold at auction in Japan. This allows our clients to get to a direct supply from auction and have the vehicles at this source vetted in a professional manner.

You can view vehicles that will be auctioned in Japan by becoming a member of our auction search engine, which gives direct access to all auction catalogues for the coming days throughout the country. This resource also provides guides on prices and past auction results. For more information on searching vehicles from Japanese auctions please click on the green link at the top right of the home page titled Members Auction Login and apply to be a member.

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