You can purchase pre-owned cars from 4Wheelers Japan Ltd (“4WH”) from its pre-purchased inventory or you may also buy direct from the auctions all over Japan. 4WH also offers pre-owned vehicles from Thailand, Australia, Singapore and UK.

You may view the cars for sale on our website complete with photos and details. Prices will be viewable once you sign up with 4WH and/or log in after you have signed up.

Inventory in Japan

4WH carries a wide range of pre-owned vehicles saleable and compliable in your country of destination.

Prices may be quoted in JPY or USD but may also be quoted in your currency of choice in either FOB or CIF terms depending on your country and port of destination.

Hundreds of vehicles from 4WH inventory in Japan are available for your purchase online once you sign up.

4WH Auctions in Japan

4Wheelers has access to all auctions in Japan and can provide access and bidding rights to thousands of vehicles daily with a minimal deposit.

Inquiries can be made online by email, chat, skype, whatsapp, and/or viber via 4WH website https://www.4wheelersjapan.com/. If you wish to visit Japan to purchase directly, please send us an email so we can facilitate a buy trip for you.

Vehicles from the Australia, Singapore, Thailand and United Kingdom (UK)

We also offer for sale previously owned vehicles sourced from the Thailand and Singapore. Pre-owned vehicles form Australia, Singapore and UK can be sourced on order basis, with minimal deposits, with FOB and CIF prices quoted in advance.


Payments can be made via Telegraphic Transfer (TT), Letter of Credit (LC) or direct credit.

Shipment and/or Delivery

We will process the vehicle for required inspection and shipment and/or delivery upon receipt of required deposit or full payment. You will be notified with updates until the shipment of the vehicle every step of the way.


Your information is safe with us! We do not share, sell, lease, reveal, divulge or provide any information about our customers

Claims or Cancellations

  • Vehicles purchased with known modifications, or accident history typically shown on auction sheets as auction grade 'R' or 'A' or '1' or variations thereof are not subject to claims or cancellations. Any vehicle with one of these grades shall not be purchased unless the customer requests and agrees to bear the full risk.

  • Cancellation is without penalty when it is made within 7 calendar days from confirmation of the vehicle to your account. Otherwise, in the event the vehicle is cancelled from your account, the full amount of the deposit or payment received for the vehicle will be forfeited in our favor.

  • Cancellation of vehicles that have received deposits to ship are subject to a cancellation charge of JPY 50,000 or US$500 to cover administrative, storage, and other incidental costs and charges incurred upon confirmation to an account to prepare the vehicle for shipment such as inspection, transport, and documentation charges. In addition, storage fees and pre-shipment inspection fees will also be charged.

  • Cancellation of vehicles that have already been shipped will result in forfeiture of payments received in 4WH’s favor, and the payment of all port fees and charges, customs duties and fines, administrative expenses, and losses incurred as a result of the cancellation.

  • Purchases direct from Auctions are not subject to cancellation. However, 4WH may allow cancellation of Auction purchases upon written request and only when there is a mechanical or physical defect not shown on the auction sheet or a major discrepancy in the grading (1.0 or one full grade point difference between the auction grade and 4WH's grade).

    In all other cases of cancellation, you will incur the following charges:

    1. Automatic forfeiture of your Auction deposit in 4WH’s favor.

    2. Payment of re-auction expenses, costs and losses incurred in the re-sale of the cancelled vehicle. For this purpose, 4WH will hold an appropriate deposit until the auction sale is completed within the following guidelines:

      1. the payments received on the units purchased; or

      2. the estimated re-auction expenses and losses estimated at 50% of the purchase price.

      Under the circumstances, 4WH reserves the right to re-sell the Auction units cancelled at any re-sale price subject to its sole discretion.


  • When applicable, 4WH shall accommodate a written request for refund of a deposit made or purchase price previously received resulting to a net sufficient credit balance after refund service fees stated below, where there are no pending transactions in your account.

  • Requests for a full cash refund will be recognized within one year from the time the deposit is received, or from the last transaction (date of release).

  • All refunds of the purchase price received are subject to administrative and service fees equivalent to JPY 10,000 or 10% of the refund amount, whichever is higher.

  • All bank and other related charges and fees incurred for refunds will be for your account and will be deducted from the total amount for refund and you will receive the amount net of these charges.

  • The net amount for refund will be returned to the original bank account where 4WH received payment. In payments through credit card, 4WH will request cancellation of said payment to the credit card center or if it cannot be cancelled, we will credit the refund amount to the same credit card. It is 4W’s policy that refund money should be made to the same channel, thus, for refund purposes, the bank account or the credit card from where 4WH received payment needs to be open or valid and active at the time of crediting the refund.